Other factors can also make weight loss more difficult. Among the most common ‘excuses’ are a slow metabolism

or a thyroid problem. Both of these can be measured if necessary, but thyroid problems, at least, are unlikely to be the cause, except in a very small number of people. Studies have shown that overweight people don’t have slower metabolisms—in fact, they tend to be faster because it takes more energy to move a heavier body mass.

Gaining and losing weight in ‘cycles’ from early adolescence is one way to slow metabolism. For this reason any program of weight loss you undertake, such as this Quick Start program, has to be something you can do for life. If you expect to lose weight by putting the family on a ‘diet’ and then going off it when you’ve lost the weight, you’re sadly mistaken. You’re also looking at the wrong program, because you’ll be advised strongly against such an approach.

In any case, even if a slow metabolism is your problem, there’s no need for you to do anything different from what we’ll be doing here. Almost everything designed to help you and the family lose weight will help speed up your metabolism and keep the weight off.


There are other factors that make some people lose weight more easily than others, but we don’t need to go into these here. Suffice it to say that any particular member of the family must not be ‘blamed’ for not losing weight as quickly as others on this, or any other program (unless, of course,

they’re obviously not playing the game). Everyone needs to run their own race—but with the family offering support as a unit.

Another piece of good news is that even if you, or other family members, don’t lose weight despite following the

recommendations in this program, your health will be improved dramatically. As you’ll see, you can actually prevent diseases like diabetes by being more active— regardless of whether or not you lose weight. A change in diet can also lower the risk of heart disease in the absence of weight loss, even more so with a 5–10 per cent loss in body weight. So look at the program to follow as a health program for life, not just a weight-loss program for a few months.