22 Things Tourists Should Never Do in Canada

First of all, you’re wrong. It’s not JUST a coffee shop. It’s an institution. We go for a Timmies at least twice a day, double-double has entered the Oxford dictionary and is now used at coffee shops outside of Tim Hortons, and overall, is synonymous with patriotism. Even Canadians that hate Timmies coffee (if they even exist) know not to poke fun of Tim Hortons. There is a reason that you can find 25 stores in a town of 141,000 people and
99.04 km²
Cheque out Tim Hortons: How a brand became part of our national identity if you don’t believe me.
Don’t forget to return an apology
I’ve said sorry for bumping into inanimate objects. You will hear people say “sorry” a lot, and you will be expected to turn the apology, whether it’s your fault or not.
Canadians might not be an easily offended bunch, but these 20+ things are guaranteed to rub us the wrong way. Here’s what you can’t say to a Canadian.
Canadians luv to say ‘sorry’ so much, we had to amend current laws to keep people out of trouble for it; we apology so much in our daily lives, that it was starting to backfire. The “Apology Act“, passed in 2009, is a direct result of Canada’s overuse of the word “sorry”. Stipulating that an apology of any kind “means an expression of sympathy or regret” and not “an admission of fault or liability in connexion with the matter to which the words or actions relate.” Only in Canada would such a law be necessary.
Don’t only visit the cities
We have a lot of incredible cities to explore in Canada, but we also have a lot of towns. Our cities tend to be so far apart, that you probably will only get to visit a handful of them during any vacation. And since you will be crossing a few of these towns just to get from one city to another, why not spend the nite and explore what they have to offer.
You would be surprised at the amount of history, architecture and pure beauty we are hiding in our small towns.
Top 10 Things to do in Kingston, Ontario
Top 10 Things to do in Kingston, Ontario
Don’t get onto public transport until everyone has exited first.
There are two doors for a reason! Get in at the front, get out at the back. And if this doesn’t work, wait until everyone is out before trying to get in.
We may be a friendly group of people but we aren’t pushovers. We will demand that you follow the rules, respect the personal space and time of others around you. We are socialists, remember.
Don’t say that you don’t like Poutine
No one that has ever tried a Poutine has ever disliked it. It’s Fries, Gravy and Cheese Curds and tastes like heaven.
Every once in a while, there will be a Poutine Fest in Ottawa, because that’s how awesome Poutine is; there are entire festivals around this food, and there are Chip trucks all along City Hall serving their variations of this amazing dish. There is no wrong way to eat poutine… unless you add catsup and anything other than Cheese Curds because that’s nasty.
And no, Poutine is not gourmet food. Don’t try to fancy it up. It’s street food, it’s meant to look like street food, be served like street food, and cost as much as street food. If it’s listed as gourmet, it’s pretentious Hipster garbage stay away!
Here are more must-try Canadian foods.
Canadians might not be an easily offended bunch, but these 20+ things are guaranteed to rub us the wrong way. Here’s what you can’t say to a Canadian.

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